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Complete Guide to How to download your Summer Training Certificate?

How to download the certificate

When you complete your course from Technophilia, Summer Training Certificate Guide, you get a certificate of completion that you can share with your college. We will show you the steps here to download the course certificate and answer some commonly asked questions about this certificate.

What is the Summer Training Certificate?

 A Summer Training Certificate Guide is a written document. Students who have enrolled in the course and successfully completed it will receive the certificate

It includes the following fields:

  • Name of Student
  • Name of Course
  • Training Partner
  • Association Partner
  • Months in which the student has been enrolled.


Summer Training Certificate Guide

How am I eligible to get the certificate?

Once you receive the login access, you have to finish all the modules of the enrolled course within 45 days starting from the date of Login access.

Summer Training Certificate Guide

Steps to download the Certificate:

  1. Within 25 days from the starting date of Login, you can check the following link: Download Certificate. By clicking on that link, you will be taken to the OneDrive Portal.
  2. There you have to choose the training program in which you have enrolled.
  3. After that, you can find your name and download your certificate for the course/s in which you have enrolled.


  • Please click on the sort and sort it by Name and ascending order to get your certification easily.
  • We will also inform you over your registered email with us when your certificates are ready
Summer Training Certificate Guide

Dates when the Certificates will be released:

Batch No.Enrolled BeforeCertificate Release Date
Batch 130-04-202115-05-2021
Batch 215-05-202129-05-2021
Batch 322-05-202112-06-2021
Batch 429-05-202112-06-2021
Batch 505-06-202126-06-2021
Batch 612-06-202126-06-2021
Batch 719-06-202110-07-2021
Batch 826-06-202110-07-2021
Batch 903-07-202124-07-2021
Batch 1010-07-202124-07-2021
Batch 1117-07-202107-08-2021
Batch 1224-07-202107-08-2021
Summer Training Certificate Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is any mistake/error in the certificate then how will I get it corrected?

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. You can reach us on info.technophilia.in@gmail.com, informing us about the same.
  2. You will be charged INR 100/- for the correction to be done. It will take up to 3 days to provide you the new certificate by clicking on the same link.
  3. Please make the payment at instamojo.com/@technophilia and the send the payment receipt with proposed changes at info.technophilia.in@gmail.com

Is there any date mentioned in the Certificate?

No, only the months in which you have enrolled will be there in the certificate. 

Please note, dates will be mentioned over your project letter, you can avail the same.

For more information about the project letter, click here

Is the College name mentioned in the Certificate?

No, there won’t be any college name mentioned in the certificate. 

Please note, college will be mentioned over your project letter, you can avail the same.

For more information about the project letter, click here

Can we customize any changes in the certificate?

No, the format for the certificate will strictly be the same as it is a pre-approved format by the higher authorities. No request for any change in it will be entertained.

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