Complete Guide to How to Become a Campus Ambassador & its benefits?

How to become a campus ambassador

Do you want to EARN while you LEARN? Complete campus ambassador Guide

If yes, Become Campus ambassador with us and Earn Exciting Rewards.

Rewards would include Campus Ambassador Certification, Free access to our training and workshops, and last but not the least CASH PRIZES!!! 

Complete campus ambassador Guide

What exactly is a Campus Ambassador?

Campus Ambassadors act as the connection between the company and their campus students. They are the main and direct contact with the company and are the voice of the company at their campus. These Ambassadors are interested and excited about the company, its beliefs, what it stands for, and its work. They also tend to possess leadership qualities, taking initiatives, and charge on campus. Due to this, they are also influential.

Video | Complete campus ambassador Guide


Complete campus ambassador Guide

Benefits of becoming Technophilia’s CA

A well-managed and well-executed campus ambassador program will have a lot of benefits for the students as well as the company. Let’s see some of the benefits of being a campus ambassador:


  1. It is a great learning opportunity for students. It provides a glimpse of the corporate world to the students. The students learn about the working of organizations.
  2. Students gain skills like team management, event organization, public speaking, social media, content writing and promotion, and various other technical skills.
  3. It provides them with an opportunity to get connected with various like-minded students across various campuses.
  4. You can add campus ambassador experience in your resume and get ahead of others.

Recognition & Rewards

  • Get industry-level certified campus ambassador certificates.
  • Generate your own pocket money by referring your friends.
  • Get access to free courses, workshops, industrial training, and many more.

The benefits and recognition of being a campus ambassador are not limited to the above-mentioned list. There are a whole lot of other benefits of being a campus ambassador which you can unlock once you enroll in it.

Complete campus ambassador Guide

Steps to become Technophilia’s CA:

  1. You will get a UPL (Unique Payment Link) with your name embedded in it.
  2. You have to paste the UPL in the template message provided by us.
  3. You just have to forward the template message to your Friends and College groups and Earn Exciting Rewards.
  4. You will be provided with posters, course curriculum, or other details to make your promotion task easier.
Complete campus ambassador Guide

Incentive Chart | Complete campus ambassador Guide

The chart below represents the Campus Ambassador’s Incentive Plan. It tells how much incentive the CA will be paid after enrolling a specific number of students.

Levels of Certificate | Complete campus ambassador Guide

These are the 4 levels of certificate:

  1. Campus Ambassador Certificate (Captain) – On enrolling 10-19 students
  2. Campus Ambassador Certificate (Major) – On enrolling 20-34 students
  3. Campus Ambassador Certificate (Colonel) – On enrolling 35-49 students
  4. Campus Ambassador Certificate (Brigadier) – On enrolling 50+ students

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming our campus ambassador you can reach us on WhatsApp @ 9811829666.

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