Everything You Should Know About Summer Training

Technophilia Summer Training

About Technophilia Summer Training – Do you want to upskill yourself with the most updated online courses available in the marketplace? If yes, then you are in the right place.  We will cover every step and information you should know about Technophilia’s summer internship program before you go and hit the purchase button.


About Technophilia Summer Training

About Training

In this section, we will describe in brief about the training session, timings, and the duration of the course.

Is the training live or recorded?

It will the pre-recorded version of live session, accessed through our LMS platform (https://technophilia.teachable.com/)

We will share the login access with you after registration.

How many days will the training last for? 

Training content will be accessible for you for a lifetime.

To get the certificate, you need to complete the training by 31st July 2021

Will it be counted as an Industrial Internship?

Yes, if you submit the project report and video presentation within 60 Days of getting course access latest by 20th July 2021.

We will provide you a project letter stating you have completed the Summer Project with our organization.

When will the session be scheduled?

It is a pre-recorded training. you can access it at any time you want.

How many modules are there?

10-12 modules each course.

What is the duration of the course?

Each module consists of 2 to 3 hours of training making it a 15-20 Hours course.

Except Automobile and IC engine where the course is of shorter duration.

Who will solve our Doubts and problems?

As this is a recorded course on our LMS system, and our experts have tried to cover all possible doubts during the session. Therefore, there is no doubtforum or TA (Teaching Assistant) to solve your doubts. 

How many courses can we avail and what are their prices?

You can buy a single course, combo or the whole bundle…

  • Price for Single Course: Rs. 499/-
  • Price for Combo Course (2): Rs. 799/-
  • Price for Bundle Course (All 9): Rs. 1199/-

Link to make the payment: https://technophilia.in/summer-training-iit-bombay-checkout/ 

About Technophilia Summer Training

About Registration 

In this section, we will give you all the details about the registration process. How to make the payment? About the payment options available and so on.

How to enroll for this course and make the payment?

You can enroll for the course by paying through this link: https://technophilia.in/summer-training-iit-bombay-checkout/

Can you provide the course content that will be covered?

You can download the course curriculum at the end of the checkout page-https://technophilia.in/summer-training-iit-bombay-checkout/#download 

More details about the summer training

You can get more information about the summer training by clicking on the following link: https://technophilia.in/summer-training-iit-bombay 

Payment options available

You can make the payment for the course through Credit Card, Debit Card, or UPI. All transactions are 100% secured with 128-bit security.

Important note

Kindly fill the billing details very carefully as the same will be going to reflect on your certificate.

About Technophilia Summer Training

Role of AZeotropy IIT BOMBAY

In this section, we will brief you about the role of AZeotrophy IIT Bombay, format of the certification, and will answer commonly asked questions about AZeotrophy IIT Bombay.

How is the AZeotropy IIT Bombay linked with Technophilia Summer Training?

Technophilia Summer Training is in association with AZEOTROPY IIT BOMBAY, where Azeotropy IIT Bombay is just a marketing & certification partner.

Do we get a chance to visit IIT BOMBAY?

No, this is complete remote online recorded summer training. 

Are the trainers/mentors from IIT Bombay?

No, Trainers are industry experts who have recorded the Summer Training.

There is no involvement of professors of IIT Bombay or Azeotropy IIT Bombay.

What exactly will be written on the certificate of training?

The certificate will be stated as “This certificate is awarded to NAME OF STUDENT in acknowledgement of participation in the NAME OF COURSE with Technophilia summer training in association with AZeotrophy IIT Bombay.

AZeotrophy IIT Bombay Logo will also be there in the certificate.

About Technophilia Summer Training

How to download the Summer Training Certificate?

We have written a complete document to help you to download the certificate.

Please follow the following link:

How to avail the Project Letter?

We have written a complete document to avail your Project Letter.

Please follow the following link:

Contact Us

In case of any query/doubt, you can reach us on WhatsApp @9811829666 or you can email us at info.technophilia.in@gmail.com

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