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VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration. It’s used in creating so many chips andcircuits on a single mini chip of silicon.Its a kind of technique that is used in designing Micro chips like IC and many moreVLSI means very large scale IC(integrated circuit) chips it is use as a memory element incomputers to store data………A well-structured and controlled design methodology, along with a supportinghierarchical design system, has been developed to optimally support the development effort on several programsrequiring gate array and semicustom VLSI design. The methodology makes extensive use of CAD techniques, including multilevelsimulation for all tasks associated with design simulation and layout.The methodology is intended to totally verify the system during the design phase, prior to the release of VLSI components for fabrication;the bulk of the effort spent on integration and test in MSI/SSI systems can thus beapplied during the design phase.This paper describes the design methodology, the hierarchical CAD system, and the pertinent CAD design philosophy with reference to the MIL-STD-1750 processor design example.
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Applications of VLSI circuits to medicalimaging
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 Advanced very-large-scale integration (VLSI) technology is finding widespread application inmedical imaging,as is exemplified by the use of general-purpose digital signal processing (DSP) ICs, customVLSI ICs, and microprocessors in 3D image displays and ultrasound.. GE’s Graphicon display processing system demonstrates the great improvements that VLSItechnology makes in 3D display technology.Graphicon, which contains 26 VLSI chips of 11 design types including two custom ones, candisplay 3D images at the rate of 10,000 triangles per second.Ultrasound processing will probably be affected by VLSI technology more than any other medical imaging process, as VLSI is is utilized to implement fully digital front-ends to real-timeultrasound phased array signal processor. The advent of silicon compiler CAD tools will alsoenable the rapid design of custom VLSI image processing ICs.
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